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Am I qualified to become a Pink Plumber?

We ask that our Pink Plumbers have a minimum of C&G Level 2 certificates in college and either have completed their NVQ L2 portfolio with 3 months experience in the field, or have worked for 3-6 months using 'Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber' as a guide, and can provide references from customers / employers. (NB the book can be used to help you achieve your NVQ L2 qualification.)

What should I consider before applying?

Plumbing can be a tough business – emotionally and physically – you need to be sure you want to do this. Practically speaking, you’ll need to have a driver’s licence, a vehicle and tools. We can offer recommendations for preferred suppliers for the latter two, and Bahco will supply you with some free of charge, but the driver’s licence is down to you! Emotionally, the premise of Pink Plumbers is to offer support, guidance and a network of other female plumbers to ensure that you have the necessary support to succeed in building your plumbing business.

I meet the criteria, what do I do now?

Get in touch! Call our Head Office number or drop us an email at Once we’ve spoken to you, and providing you are happy with the terms, you will be invited to attend an interview and assessment, after which you will be accepted to become your local Pink Plumber subject to terms and conditions.


Does Pink Plumbers offer Apprenticeships?

At Pink Plumbers we recognise that there is a desperate shortage of opportunities for people to take that supported step from college to hands on experience in the field, especially above the age of 24 yrs.

Whilst the Government are making some changes and apprenticeship schemes are with no doubt improving, there is still little support for over 24's.

For those aged between 16-24, ask your local college and see what they offer. We are aware of New Careers Skills, Croydon College and Pimlico Plumbers "Real Apprenticeship Campaign”. They will apply for the grants, etc, on your behalf, and have a number of plumbers who are willing to take on apprentices. 

We support any initiative that helps trainees achieve their NVQ L2 and gain the confidence required to start their plumbing career.

Apprenticeships are possible with Pink Plumbers at the discretion of your local Pink Plumber and dependent upon whether a position is available.

To support Pimlico Plumbers Apprenticeship Scheme go to, hover on About Us and choose Apprenticeship Scheme from the drop down menu.

What about the over 24's? 

We recommend you complete your college course and use 'Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber' as a guide to get out there and start plumbing. Speak to us and we can discuss your requirements and how much experience you will need, before becoming your local Pink Plumber.


Frequently Asked Questions

What value is there in becoming a Pink Plumbers Licensee, as opposed to setting up on my own?

Set-up activity


As a Pink Plumber Licensee





Setting up your business



Slow and difficult process, with limited or no support. Easy to waste money on non-essential tasks.




The package includes key contacts, to make it easier and quicker including recommended independent finance broker for access to business loans if required and subject to standard financial checks. 


Capital Outlay (tools & van)



As and when required and can be afforded



Pink Plumbers negotiated discounts on tools and recommended supplier for vans, whether leasing or buying, new or second hand.





Starting from scratch and competing against many established brands with a sole identity.


Professionally designed, memorable and established trademarked Brand.


Logo design & livery design



Starting from scratch and expensive. Sole identity.



Professionally built templates ready to give to suppliers, and clear brand guidelines in place.


Livery (sign wrapping)



As and when required/afforded. Sole identity.



Standardised national brand; Branded templates with guidelines on how to use, and recommended sign writing company.








Word of Mouth; trial & error; BIG EFFORT and expensive to be noticed alone.



National Brand with SEO, Group website & searchable postcode entry for your business linked to your own website.


Stationery & Templates



None in place, rely on basic "off the shelf” services at significant cost.


Professional & ready to be used with recommended supplier and discounts in place.








Reliant on trial and error and dependent upon your own ability.



Professional invoice books with payment terms included and advice & guidance provided through Pinks Hints and Tips, as well as how to deal with difficult situations, plus access to support through the Pink Plumbers Forum.


Rates/time required



Difficult to get right and work out with little or no experience. Dependent upon your own ability.



Advice & guidance provided through Pinks Hints and Tips on setting your rates, allocating time appropriately, plus access to support through the Pink Plumbers Forum.


Advice & guidance (handling customers & issues on the job & best practice)



None – you are on your own.



Pinks Hints and Tips provides extensive guidance on many issues relating to plumbing and running your business. Access to Pink Plumbers Forum, networking events and support.





How to manage accounts/expenses



On your own, by trial & error. Tedious, difficult, time consuming and potentially expensive if you get it wrong!



Pink Plumbers package includes book keeping spreadsheet and annual accounting costs and support. Plus access to Pink Plumbers Forum for additional support.





Trial & Error to find the right one! Often plumbers choose to go it alone due to "cost savings!!”


Pink Plumbers Accountant in place, recommended, approved & included!


Tax and Business Information



Ad hoc and time consuming, daunting process to find the right information at the right time. Unfortunately ignorance is no excuse!!



Pink Plumbers Pack provides essential tax and business information to support you, including all the forms you need to set up your business; pointing you in the right direction to get the right information.



In my case - over 8 years spending thousands – until I got it right.

In too many cases the cost has been an inability to achieve the dream of running their own plumbing business, whilst wasting precious time and money in the process.


Pink Plumbers Licence offers a reasonably priced and valuable package for you to invest in. It’s designed to help you achieve that dream, in the time frame that suits you and your pocket; with a lot less pain!

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