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About Jo
Jo Lawrence is a qualified female plumber and has invested the last 10 years building Pink Plumbers. She knows from experience how rewarding and how tough it can be. 

Her hard work has inspired her to license her Pink Plumbers brand, and provide the support to help women enter the plumbing profession, whilst developing a national plumbing business delivered by women. Jo is confident that the Pink Plumbers brand will be a flagship for women coming into the trade, and be a mark of good service for our customers. 

Jo recently set about bridging the gap between plumbing students coming out of college, or wanting to set up on their own, and out into the real world of plumbing. Her book HINTS & TIPS for the Practical Plumber is an essential guide to help turn their plumbing skills into a thriving business.
Our Values

The Pink Plumbers brand reflects values that are important to us, and to our customers - a brand that stands for honesty, reliability and respect whilst showing capability and commitment, and remaining affordable.
Pink Plumbers embodies the true spirit of good practice and integrity, delivering plumbing services in a considerate manner to customers in our local communities.
Our Story
Pink Plumbers has been operating successfully since 2003, delivering consistent and considerate plumbing services to our customers, and even during the recent recession has shown annual growth.
Operating under a national licence structure, our female plumbers are able to meet the needs of their local market whilst you and they benefit from a nationally recognised brand.
We offer a wide range of plumbing services to our customers and ensure our plumbers are qualified to carry out those services. We start from the premise that "If this was our home, how would we like to be treated" and all our plumbers operate within a set of guidelines based on the Pink Plumbers values, with support where needed.
We are a Plumbing business that recognises that there is currently a lack of female plumbers operating independently in their local communities, and where they do exist it's often hard for customers to find them.
At Pink Plumbers we help to close the gap between female plumbers qualifying and operating as plumbers in their community. We make it easier for women wanting to go into the trade to have the confidence and support needed to get out there and just DO IT.
Our aim is to be a nationally recognised brand delivered locally to all our customers, providing consistency and peace of mind, as well as confidence that our Pink Plumbers will be respectful of their environment and deliver a reliable service.  


Our Commitment To You
Whether you are a customer looking for a female plumber, a contractor looking for a reliable service, or a female plumber wishing to build your own business, Pink Plumbers provides an affordable, professional and consistent service which aims to deliver to your needs within a time frame that works for you.
Our network of Pink Plumbers deliver their services at local rates, enabling our customers to benefit from the shared experiences and best practice of a national organisation without having to pay inflated prices. We are able to do this because our structure means that our company overheads are kept to a minimum, ensuring our customers pay sensible rates for a good quality service.


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Hints and Tips Book
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It's a man's world... Not anymore as millions of women would rather have a choice who does their dirty work. read more
Pink Plumbers
HINTS & TIPS for the Practical Plumber is a unique and essential guide for all plumbing students leaving college and plumbers wanting to set up on their own, and can even be used to help complete the NVQ2 qualification.

"Most plumbing books are written for students training as plumbers, not for plumbers plumbing in the real world. In my experience, many students that train in college can’t find someone to take them on to show them the ropes, and so fall back into other jobs. Hints & Tips teaches them how to turn their college skills into a thriving business, teaching them what they don’t learn in college about how to plumb,” Jo comments on the inspiration behind her book.
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