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It's a man's world...Not anymore as millions of women would rather have a choice who does their dirty work. Pink Plumbers in Heating and Plumbing Monthly on 21st May 2012: read more

Jo spoke at Kingston Grammar School on 20th March 2012 as part of a 6th Form Lecture Programme on "Inspiring people in business".

Jo went to Barking & Dagenham college in Dec 2012 to deliver the 1st of her National roadshow presentations about Pink Plumbers & her Hints & Tips book

Jo talked at Croydon College on 17th April 2013 discussing her new book Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber which comes out in May 2013
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Want to be your Own Boss?....
August 2013, HVP Heating Plumbing and Ventilation
 It shows that almost two out of three people (63%) want to be their own boss, and women have more desire to be their own boss (66%) than men (60%)....Lawrence will also be publishing a book called Hints and Tips for the Practical Plumber, designed to provide business as well as plumbing tips to help plumbers navigate through the difficulty of setting up on their own. The book will be launched in September.
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It's a man's world...Not any more...
May 2012 - Heating and Plumbing Monthly
When asked what gender they would prefer to fix their plumbing issues, a whopping 86% of women would rather choose a woman or at least have a choice of a woman as a plumber.
"I set up Pink Plumbers to help other women succeed in business and to give home owners a real choice. I hope these results inspire other entrepreneurs like me to become a Pink Plumber..."
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Business Support From Pink Plumbers
February 2012, Talking Business - Bucks Free Press
Jo has recently taken on her first licensee, who will be setting up her business in Wiltshire. "I'm really looking forward to seeing her business get off the ground and taking Pink Plumbers to the next level."
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Woldingham Headliners
March 2011 Issue 26, Woldingham Life
Jo Lawrence,38, runs her own plumbing company...A lot of the time I'm called in to fix a problem where maybe 3 other plumbers have looked at it and not wanted to, or known how to fix it, or haven't bothered to turn up. I love this kind of job.
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A Peak in the Life of a Plumber
May 15th 2010, Daily Mail
When I say I'm a plumber, you can almost guarantee it will lead to a long conversation. People seem genuinely interested to know why I chose it for a career.
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Pink Plumbers... Jo's story
20th October 2009, HIP! Magazine
I started Pink Plumbers in August 2003 once my children were at school full time.
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Plumber Jo Lawrence fills her day with so much it would make your eyes water!
September 2008, Guild of Master Craftsmen Magasine
...Then after dinner I get on with the charity projects I run. I'm managing a project to build a village for a community of orphaned children in South Africa, to get them into safe housing and into school.
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Plumbing - Is it still a man's world?
January 2004, PHAM News
For years, women have been the unsung heroes of the plumbing industry, supporting their self-employed husbands, working away in the background, making appointments, ordering parts. Well now the 'sisters are doing it for themselves' and they are discovering that there is a huge demand for the feminine touch.
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It's a man's world... Not anymore as millions of women would rather have a choice who does their dirty work. read more
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